Kayla Harrison entertained many fans in her latest bout against Aspen Ladd. But aside from her redemption win at the 2023 PFL Championship, another highlight points to the possible next opponent the victor could face after her callout. Harrison didn’t specifically name the fighter but said it was a “girl in Bellator who thinks she’s a bad b*tch.”

Harrison managed to make a successful comeback to the winning column after taking down Ladd. There were attempts for submissions, but the entire three rounds didn’t disappoint in giving us a thrilling show.

The fight started with some exchanges from both sides. Harrison tried to dominate the initial round by attempting a high kick but slipped. Ladd tried to take advantage of the situation, but Harrison quickly got to her feet and made a remarkable takedown by slamming the opponent to the ground. Although Ladd managed to escape, she received a couple of punches and strikes from Harrison. The takedown and beatings were repeated by Harrison, who even managed to have Ladd in an arm triangle lock. However, the bell saved Ladd.

Ladd tried to avenge by attempting a rear-naked choke from the back, but it proved ineffective for Harrison, who managed to reverse the situation. Ladd escaped, but this was where she was pushed against the cage. While on the back of Ladd, Harrison took the chance to reach the opponent using her knee. The first knee was a success, but the second one Harrison sent made a heavy blow to the opponent. It was followed by a third one, which utterly drained the energy out of Ladd and gave Harrison the signal to bring down the opponent again to the floor. Ladd took cover as Harrison continued landing punches, concluding the winning position of the latter.

The bout ended with Harrison winning via unanimous decision with the all judges’ scorecards of 30-27. Ultimately, this gives Harrison back the winning crown after receiving her first defeat from Larissa Pacheco at the PFL 2022 Women’s Lightweight Championship.

With her victory, Harrison found the confidence to call out her next opponent, albeit no name was dropped.

“I’m excited PFL has acquired Bellator. I heard there’s a girl in Bellator who thinks she’s a bad b*tch,” Harrison said during their in-cage post-fight interview. “Well, why don’t we find out?”

Despite not specifically naming the person, it can be assumed that Harrison was referring to Cris Cyborg, who immediately responded to the callout:

“Women don’t refer to themselves as bitch,” tweeted Cyborg on X.

The statements just add to the pile of reasons why the two fighters would further push for a match in the future. Fortunately, PFL itself is also looking forward to the said fight. During PFL founder Donn Davis’ interview about the company’s acquisition of Bellator, he addressed the possibility of a fight between the two.

“I’ve been wanting to see this Kayla Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg fight since I was a little baby,” Davis said. “That may be on a pay-per-view next year.”

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