Conor McGregor ‘Like a Prostitute’ Says Frankie Edgar’s Camp

Frankie Edgar’s Manager and Coach Are Not Happy With Conor McGregor’s Claims on Instagram…

Ok, guys, we get the message. Frankie Edgar’s camp really isn’t happy with Conor McGregor. A vicious battle of words has kicked off after McGregor posted the other day on Instagram. He said that he was willing to replace Max Holloway at UFC 222 and take on Frankie Edgar without all the usual media obligations that go with promoting a fight.

According to the Irishman, the UFC wasn’t having this. That’s pretty reasonable considering McGregor’s status as their only remaining superstar, now that Ronda Rousey has crossed over to WWE. Even if McGregor is unreliable these days, having failed to fight in the octagon in 2017, “the Notorious” remains the fighting face of the UFC.

However, his words haven’t passed unnoticed by Edgar’s camp. The former lightweight champion has remained silent so far, but his striking coach Mark Henry, and his manager Ali Abdel-Aziz have both come out and blasted the Irishman in separate statements.

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What’s the Problem?

If you take a look at McGregor’s post, you might wonder what the problem is. According to Edgar’s people, it’s a question of honesty and integrity. If you listen to Henry and Abdel-Aziz, it’s very clear that they think the Irishman has none of those virtues.

Basically, they aren’t happy that McGregor is trying to say he wanted to save the card, when Edgar willingly stepped aside from a five-round title fight in the main event to a very risky co-main against rising contender Brian Ortega. What’s more is that McGregor allegedly backed out of negotiations three times for a fight against Edgar.

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Ducking Danger

Abel-Aziz spoke derisively about McGregor in a remarkable interview with TMZ. The Irishman has been criticised for taking fights against opponents who were less dangerous stylistically for him than the likes of Edgar. Abel Aziz did not hold back in his interview. He said:

“Let me tell you about Conor McGregor. He’s like a prostitute, used to make high-dollar money, but she got old and nobody wanted her anymore. This f*cking guy. For three years, he did everything he can not to fight Frankie Edgar.”

Well now. That is as provocative a statement as you’re ever likely to hear. When McGregor was on his remarkable rise through the featherweight division, Edgar was perennially linked as a potential opponent, however, the pair never actually crossed paths.

Loud and Proud

Henry was just as vocal yesterday as he passionately defended his fighter. He offered respect for McGregor’s fighting ability but had absolutely none whatsoever for his character.

“You will NEVER EVER have the heart of Frankie or integrity,” Henry said. “It’s soo soo simple if your dog crap post is true fight Frankie next. Weather it be mma or boxing. ( And I promise you he won’t hammer fist on top your head he knows the rules). But YOU WON’T!”

Now it could be that they are just trying to goad McGregor into comeback matchup, but it doesn’t seem likely. The ‘Notorious’ has signaled his intention to return before September with the winner of the Khabib Nurmagamedov V Tony Ferguson his most realistic opponent.

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