Retired UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov has predicted that the belt that he vacated will be up for grabs this January. The Dagestani Champion has no intention of returning to the Octagon once more and reach the coveted 30-0 record.

UFC has not yet officially announced whether the fight of Dustin Poirier vs Conor Mcgregor will be for the belt. Conor Mcgregor is the only fighter that can have a PPV main event even without a title on the line. He did it with Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz. Unless there are any short notice or any canceled injuries, Mcgregor is the only fighter that can main-event a non-title PPV.

So either way title or non-title fight, Mcgregor main event is still a PPV event. That is better known as the Mcgregor effect.

Although if UFC grants the title fight and Conor Mcgregor somehow wins the fight, The UFC will surely push the Khabib vs Mcgregor rematch. It will make the biggest fight the UFC has ever made and it will not even be close. The hype and how big both of their names are will break all the records.

The question is whether Khabib will take the offer and unretire. He already beat three of the top 5 fighters and all via stoppage. No fighter has come close to beating Khabib, one would complement if he ever wins just one round against Khabib which Mcgregor has only done.

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When asked who Khabib thinks are the best fighters in the lightweight division, he thinks there are top 3 fighters he thinks are levels above the competition.

“Top three fighters right now?” he asked. “Poirier, McGregor, and  Makhachev. He is not in the top five yet, but those are the best fighters. Khabib said.

After his win against Justin Gaethje, Many thought that Khabib is the GOAT due to the circumstances and events he encountered he still managed Gaethje one-sidedly. Prior to the fight, Khabib’s father passed away and his fight was also canceled due to the pandemic. He was also injured coming to the fight with Gaethje, he just walked past Gaethje’s leg kicks.

Dana is still optimistic about Khabib returning to the Octagon. He thinks that he can give Khabib an offer that he cannot refuse. Khabib said that the only way he might think about returning is if his mother would grant him the blessing of returning or the UFC offers him $100M which he might just be joking.

When asked if fighting George St Pierre might interest him in returning to the octagon, he responded by saying that there is one fighter that he wants but even the UFC cannot pull off the said fighter. The Dagestani fighter said that he wants the late greatest boxer, Muhammad Ali.

“I would have fought only with Muhammad Ali, but he is not with us,” he said.

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