Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson is one of the world’s most notorious street fighters, coming to fame with his Youtube series in the mid 2000’s. That series featured many brutal knockouts, and caught the attention of the UFC.

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After some shady fights for Elite XC, Kimbo was picked up for a short while by the UFC. A stint on The Ultimate Fighter and two lacklustre performances later, he was dropped by the promotion. Dana White admitted ‘The Kimbo experiment didn’t work out.’


But after a number of sketchy pro boxing bouts, the notorious street brawler was back in the MMA mainstream, kinda. He signed with Bellator MMA, and his debut was set for a bout with a UFC hall of fame legend, kinda.

After a very weird finish against ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man,’ Kimbo would take part in the worst fight of all time, against Dada 5000. Moving on, and it’s Kimbo’s son, Kevin Ferguson Jr, who has a bright future ahead of him in MMA.


‘Baby Slice’ made his professional MMA debut this week, and it did not disappoint. Taking on a heavy handed 30-year old by the name of Tom Brink, Ferguson Jr, made a big impression.

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