In a recent street fight caught on tape, comedian Katt Williams sucker punched a teenager.

Comedian Katt Williams has gotten in his second brawl in the past few weeks. Earlier this month, a video was released on youtube showing the 42 year old attacking a man and getting beaten on stage at a Beanie Sigel concert. Williams was shown swaying back and forth looking ready to fight, before eventually pouncing on another man on stage, he was pushed to the ground and stomped repeatedly by a group of men. Watch the video below:

YouTube video

Now, a new video has been going viral on the internet, showing Katt Williams in another confrontation. This time, it is with a teenage boy after a game of soccer. Williams is seem talking trash back and forth with the 7th grade boy during the soccer game. The comedian then starts walking away and is followed by the boy as they continue to exchange words. The jawing continues as Williams sits against a wall. He stands up as the kid inches closer to him. Katt then punches the kid in the face while telling him to get out of his face, and it begins.

YouTube video
The teenager grabs Williams and pulls him to the ground, securing back control and looking like he may look for a choke. The fight is immediately broken up by an adult, and Williams continues to trash talk while laying on the ground after clearly being dominated.

The bystanders seem more interested in making sure that Williams is alright, even though he was the one, who at 42 years old, punched a kid. It is understandable that he may have felt threatened, being smaller in stature than the boy, but as an adult he should have had a little more restraint in trying to diffuse the situation.

The internet has been abuzz, with plenty of hilarious memes and comments on social media.


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