Malignaggi Reveals Full Details of McGregor Sparring & It’s…Not Good

Paulie Malignaggi dishes the whole story on his time in Conor McGregor’s training camp…

Over the recent months, we’ve seen the boxing vs. MMA debate ramp up to insane levels. Before mixed martial arts, boxing dominated the combat sports niche for a hundred years. Since the explosion of MMA, many feel boxing is dying.

Scheduled to go down on August 26, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is both good and bad for MMA and boxing. Plenty of money will be made, and exposure for both sports is guaranteed.

Bottom line aside, this could be a complete circus. Judging by the latest updates from McGregor’s camp, the fight itself is not the only controversial topic.

Yes, that’s Conor McGregor literally leaping through the air in sparring. Paulie Malignaggi, the boxer in picture right, revealed the whole scoop on the Irishman’s camp…

Malignaggi Reveals Everything

Brought in after a brief period of trash talk, two-time world champion Paulie Malignaggi left Conor McGregor’s camp disheveled. Having only sparred two sessions with the Irishman, Paulie feels he was taken advantage of and exploited.

Numerous photos that showed McGregor in a favorable light made Malignaggi feel uncomfortable. But that was far from the only issue. The image that appeared to show Malignaggi knocked out was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

During his latest interview, Paulie revealed some far more concerning details. Read the full scoop below:

Body Shots

Speaking to, the ex-world champion says alarm bells were ringing as soon as he entered McGregor’s gym:

“It was so private that you had to leave your phone in a box so nobody could sneak pictures or record. It was so tight, yet he had some dignitaries come in on this day.”

“He hung tough the first five rounds,” the longtime boxer said. “He came out sharper, with more of a purpose. He hung tough for the first rounds, he even landed a couple of good shots, but I was starting to take over.

“My work was more consistent. My style was more consistent. My counter punching was sharper. My jab was sharper. There was just more consistency on my part.”

“From about six rounds on, he became very hittable,” the former champ said. “So much more hittable that I was putting more weight on my shots and sitting down more on my shots, and of course, the body shots started to affect him more and more.

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“Of course, I’m talking the whole time, because the first time he made sure to talk the whole time. Now I’m talking more and more and I’m letting him know, ‘you can’t hang, these body shots feel good, right?’

“In MMA the body shots aren’t the same as in boxing in that there is consistency to body shots in boxing. There is a debilitating breakdown from the body shots in boxing. Little by little you feel the air come out of you with fatigue.”

“[McGregor] stopped talking because he wanted to save as much energy as he could,” he said. “He stopped throwing as many punches. He caught some nice ones for the first five rounds. The nice ones he caught were the whole time when I was talking.

“After seven (rounds), which was one of his worst rounds, he sits there and he tells me, ‘7-0 to me’.

“I started to take it to him right after that. I told him, ‘you don’t get no breaks here’, and I started to hit him with more body shots. I said, ‘take those, they don’t feel good’ and I could hear him whimper off the body shots, too.”

Paulie goes on to explain the exact moment he knew McGregor was a ‘d*ckhead…’

“In the dressing room I passed by Conor and he said ‘good work’ and I said ‘yeah, good work Conor.’ I thought we had buried the hatchet and I was thinking that maybe I didn’t need to be so on-edge in the camp anymore. I was hoping that because I had came with those intentions.”

“Then I said, ‘Conor, do me a favor, bro. No more of these crazy pictures,’” Malignaggi said. “The week before, when I was working at Broner/Garcia, the media was there for the fight week because that was a big fight in boxing. All everybody wanted to know about was these pictures.

“I told Conor that it becomes very hard for me to not disclose the NDA (non disclosure agreement) that I have when you’re putting up pictures of me.”

“I have to try and make you look good. I want you to look good. I want to say things that make you look good. I want to promote you and help you out, but not at my expense.

“I also have to try and figure how to do it without making myself look bad now because you’re putting out me in compromising positions with these pictures.

“I had this conversation with Conor after the second sparring in the dressing room and this is probably when I realized what a dickhead this guy is because at that moment we had just done 12 hard rounds and there’s a respect that I’m feeling, at least.”

Instead, he looks at me and he gives me this smirk, laughs at me and he starts walking away from me.

“He gives me his back, he’s walking away towards the showers and he’s like, ‘Ha ha, I don’t know Paulie. We got some good ones in those last two rounds. I don’t know about that.’

“At this stage I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to walk into the dressing rooms and tell me I got Punk’d. I thought it was a joke. I thought there was no way this guy is that much of an asshole.

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