UFC Fighters React To Nate Diaz’s Big Announcement

Nate Diaz is going to fight and fighters are stepping up to be his opponent…

Nate Diaz s aiming to fight again in May or June. The Stockton fighter made his return announcement late Tuesday night on Instagram. It wouldn’t take long for some of the UFC’s top names to begin angling for their chance to face him.

In addition to being the last man to beat the current UFC lightweight champion, Diaz is a proven draw on pay-per-view. A ticket opposite him in the main event of a UFC pay-per-view would mean a big payday for whoever is chosen as his opponent.

There are a few different ways the UFC can approach Diaz’s next fight. They could, in theory, throw him right in the mix with the rest of the top challengers at lightweight. The reasoning behind this would be that Diaz is the last man to defeat the champion of the division, even if that fight took place at welterweight and said champion may never return to the octagon. A different route, however, would simply be to put him in the most profitable”Money Fight” available.


Who Will Nate Diaz Fight?

Sick of sitting around waiting for you fuckers to do shit there’s no excitement in this fight shit step your games up I’ll see u around may,June.
Sincerely The Real Champ ??

It’s possible Nate hasn’t even been thinking about who he wants to face next, just that he wants to fight and early summer feels like a good time for him to do that.

Some had speculated that Nate would hold out until a trilogy bout with Conor could be scheduled. In recent months, however, Nate has fallen down the list of potential next bouts for Conor. If Conor does fight in the ocotogon later in the year, it will most likely be against either Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Nate Diaz

“May-June is perfect @NateDiaz209 , see you then big guy ?? ?#Eastcoastbeastcoast #Ufcmostviolent”

This fight had already been offered to Nate Diaz last year and he publicly LOL’ed at it. While Nate might not have been enthused about possibly facing former lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez, fight fans should be.

These are two guys that go into the octagon to fight. There is no way that Eddie Alvarez faces Nate Diaz without the bout being considered a possible fight of the year candidate.

“Put yo money up then @NateDiaz209 Or shut the fuck up and go back to riding bikes around the park”

Other possible fights for Nate Diaz

Kevin Lee’s loss to Tony Ferguson at UFC 216 may make him a less appealing fight for Nate then other fighters. Still, it wouldn’t be a bad fight at all.

Tyron Woodley is another possible fight for Diaz, as Woodley has made it no secret he wants a money fight against somebody. It’s not inconceivable that the UFC books Woodley versus Diaz at welterweight in the hopes that it draws on pay-per-view. Even if the fight doesn’t make much sense from a pure sporting perspective.

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