UFC Lightweight Champion Max Holloway Shows He’s Developed Both Inside and Outside the Cage, With Brilliant Comeback For Conor McGregor…

Conor McGregor has been in an oddly reflective mood this week. Normally known for his trash talk and showing off his lavish lifestyle, ‘the Notorious’ does his best to live up to his nickname. However, over the past couple of days, he’s shown respect to two of his past opponents in separate Instagram posts.

In his first, the Irishman paid his respects to Nate Diaz. In a response to a fan’s comment, he said that their trilogy fight will definitely happen. His second post was directly about his fight against Max Holloway. McGregor won by a dominant decision that night, after tearing his ACL – a fact that makes his victory even more impressive.

Holloway was young and inexperienced prospect back then. Times have changed. The Hawaiian has torn through the featherweight division. He’s now the UFC featherweight champion and a much more confident media personality to boot. Holloway expertly responded to McGregor on Instagram with a brilliant parody of his original post.

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Boston Strong

McGregor uploaded a video clip taken just before the fifth and final round of the main event at UFC Fight Night 26 way back in 2013. In the video, he takes water from his coach John Kavanagh and seems totally calm, despite suffering a terrible injury. McGregor posted on Instagram:

“This was just moments after I tore my ACL in a fight in Boston Massachusetts.
It was when I faced off against the current featherweight champion Max Holloway, who I dismantled before and after this ligament tear, to win a lopsided victory.
It was father against son in there that night in just my second UFC bout.
Young Max is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my young Uce.
Ligaments are needed in a fight definitely.
Some can fight on however, where as some can not.
I always think there are moments in your career that can make you or break you. I have had many in my storied career and this was most certainly one of them.
God bless.
Boston Strong”


Epic Response

Holloway’s response is simply magnificent. ‘Blessed’ has proven that he’s a fully matured fighter in his own right. Every sentence in his post is a total parody of McGregor’s. Holloway wrote:

“This was just moments after I dabbed in the octagon with my son after a fight in Detroit Michigan.
It was when I faced off against the former featherweight champ and legend Jose Aldo who I stopped for the second time.
It was a great legend against me in there that night in just my first title defense.
Aldo is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my Brazilian brother.
Getting paid is needed in a fight definitely.
Some can find the motivation to defend no matter what however where as some can not.
I always think there is a moment in your career that make you a true champion. It’s when you find the motivation to keep earning what you already have, to defend. I have had one in my blessed career and this was most certainly the first of many


Two of the Best

Holloway has really grown as a personality and a fighter since they last met. With talk of him moving up to lightweight, there’s always the chance that these two brilliant fighters could face off once again. Holloway’s progression in the cage and as a trash talker makes this prospect all the more exciting.

The Hawaiian is currently recovering from a leg injury. He was forced to withdraw from his main event title defense at UFC 222 in March. Meanwhile, McGregor is still yet to announce his return. He’s back in training though and UFC sources suggest he’s planning a return in the second half of the year.

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