Michael Bisping has something to say to Joe Rogan…

Recently Joe Rogan expressed on his podcast that he is not in favour of Michael Bisping defending his middleweight title against Georges St. Pierre. It’s not that Rogan doesn’t want to see the fight, it’s that he feels Bisping isn’t defending the belt against the rightful contender.

Many feel that Yoel Romero solidified his spot as the next middleweight title challenger at UFC 205, when he defeated Chris Weidman. A fight between Bisping and GSP will draw more on PPV however, so that is the route UFC went.

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Joe Rogan on Championship Credibility

“If you’re going to have a title, this is the champion of the world, then the champion should be defending his title against the #1 challenger in the world, and that right now is Yoel Romero”

The above comments by Joe Rogan echo the sentiment many MMA purists are feeling right now. What it boils down to is the value of the PPV draw versus the credibility of the title as representing the best middleweight in the world. If the champion isn’t facing the #1 contenders, then it doesn’t truly represent who is the best in the weight division.

“Why have a champion at all?”

Joe does however, acknowledge that Bisping vs. Georges St. Pierre is an intriguing fight, one that he would order on PPV.

“Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping? Yeah I’m down. If that was on PPV, 100% I would buy that.”

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Michael Bisping Responds

To become a champion you have to pay your dues, which i did for a long long time. When you become the champion it changes because now, it’s only a very small portion, but you get a portion of the PPV.

Michael Bisping’s championship reign has been filled with complaints that he is avoiding the division’s top challengers, such as Yoel Romero or Jacare Souza. Bisping’s first title defence being against Dan Henderson, instead of a top ranked middleweight, also sparked criticism.


It’s notable that putting challengers in title bouts due to their popularity instead of based on who is ranked as the #1 contender, is something that the Ali act, if extended to MMA, would prevent from occurring.

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  1. dana is protecting bisping from Romero just like his excuse on why he is protecting McGregor from Diaz, all the horseshit Diaz being so much bigger than McGregor even though Diaz fought most of his fights at 155. he knows Yoel is going to hurt him bad. I am with Rogan get rid of the belts at least then we won’t have paper chumps

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