UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping takes aim at Conor McGregor following his boxing loss to Floyd Mayweather…

Looking to make his mark on boxing last weekend, Conor McGregor fought arguably the greatest boxer of our generation. Renowned for his defensive prowess and ability to win all and lose none, Floyd Mayweather was a nightmare debut.

Having never boxed professionally, few expected McGregor to make it to 12 rounds. Although that prediction came true, ‘The Notorious’ did a great job of at least landing punches, and making it further than anyone thought he could.

Inevitably it was the game plan, experience and fitness levels of ‘Money’ that won him the fight. Deep in the trenches of round 10, Mayweather turned up the heat on a wobbled and tired McGregor.

Thankfully the referee was on point to prevent any further damage. Everyone and their mother opined on the bout since, and now it’s the turn of UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping…

Michael Bisping was not impressed by Conor McGregor’s gas tank against Floyd Mayweather…

The Count Goes Ham…

Speaking during an appearance on “Believe you me,” Bisping says McGregor’s lack of cardio training cost him the fight. He also advises ‘The Notorious’ buy himself a treadmill with his now expanded wealth:

“What’s Conor’s f*cking problem? He can’t go the f*cking distance. In the first Nate Diaz fight what cost him is that he gassed. Even in the rematch, he was absolutely gassed. The longer the fight went, the more Diaz came back into it.”

“In (the Mayweather fight) he started off great, but in rounds seven, eight, nine he was a shell of himself. He was f*cked. It isn’t anything to do with the pace, do you know what it is? It’s very simple, look at social media, he’s on his exercise bike with people around him yelling “Go on Conor, woohoo!” That doesn’t get you in shape for a fight.”

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“What gets you in shape, you know what you didn’t see? Him out on the street running, you have to run, it’s the best thing to get you in shape for a fight. You’ve gotta run, from what I see on social media he wasn’t running. Out of that $100 million go buy a treadmill, you’ll be fine.”

“If your legs go, if you’re tired or you’re gassed, you’re f*cked, you’re sh*t, you suck. You can be the best fighter in the world, and Conor is one of the best, but you have to have cardio.”

“Everything is so hard when you’re that tired. That’s why he didn’t complain when it got stopped, he was just relieved. Floyd was beating the piss outta him.”

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Fundamental Problem?

Given his losing of form later in both the Diaz and Mayweather fights, is there a problem with McGregor’s cardio? Of course we’re talking about two fighters with incredible gas tanks in Mayweather and Diaz.

Perhaps injuries in camp pitched into the problem, or maybe it’s just like Bisping says, McGregor isn’t putting in the road work?

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