WATCH: BJ Penn Brawls With Strip-Club Bouncer in Alleged Footage

By Darren
WATCH:  BJ Penn Brawls With Strip-Club Bouncer in Alleged Footage

The Downward Spiral Continues… BJ Penn Has Been Shown Fighting a Strip Club Bouncer in His Native Hawaii… Things have Never Looked Bleaker for the Former UFC Champion… 

BJ Penn should have changed his nickname about ten years ago. When you’re 40 years old and riding a 7-fight losing streak, calling yourself the Prodigy feels a bit like self-harm. Penn has had a very controversial few months. Most reasonable MMA fans want him to retire for the good of his health, while there have been several controversies outside the cage.

First and most serious are the allegations of years of domestic and sexual abuse against his wife Shealen Uaiwa. He’s still under a restraining order from her. Now footage has emerged of him allegedly brawling with the bouncer of a strip-club in Honolulu. It’s been quite the fall from grace.

The footage is below so you can check it out for yourself. Hopefully, Penn can get his life back on track. It’s always sad to see a hero go down a dark path towards self-destruction.


In the video, Penn can clearly be seen grappling with an alleged bouncer on the streets of Honolulu. One of his friends keeps telling him: “B let’s go. C’mon lets go!” However, Penn doesn’t seem too happy to oblige and stays on the ground with him. It gets messy when another guy tries to throw a slap at Penn’s head, causing his friends to blow up. Penn is literally like a snake holding onto his prey. That dude must feel so helpless.

According to TMZ, the footage was captured outside Club Femme Nu after Penn was thrown out for behaving in a drunken manner. Bystanders called the police but by the time they had arrived, Penn had fled the scene.

(Photo: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports)

Time to Stop

As well as his troubles outside the cage, where he has been prevented from seeing his own children, Penn is on a horrific 7-fight losing streak in MMA. His last win was nine years ago in 2010. His most recent fight was a unanimous decision loss to Clay Guida. The Carpenter is a great fighter in his own right, but in his prime would have run through him.

The former welterweight and lightweight champion is one of just five UFC fighters to be two-weight champions. That should be his legacy, not all the drama and mess that’s surrounding him right now.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

All Over

Penn might finally be done with the UFC though after Dana White admitted that things had gone too far. He wants to protect the health of the legendary MMA fighter and has said that ‘he can’t do this again.’ It’s highly likely that Penn will end up at Bellator if his criminal record doesn’t get in his way. Back in June, White said:

“No, I want B.J. to retire. I love B.J. Penn. B.J. Penn is one of the legends of the sport. This is a young man’s game. I gave him a lot of opportunities because he’s B.J. and because of the relationship that I’ve had with B.J. his entire career and before that. But I can’t do that again. I can’t do it again.”

Good. Another fight is not what he needs right now.