PIC: Paulie Malignaggi Shows Off His Busted Hands After GOAT Fight

By Dazzler
PIC: Paulie Malignaggi Shows Off His Busted Hands After GOAT Fight

Paulie Malignaggi Has Released Pictures of His Busted Hands After Facing Off Against the Goat Artem Lobov… He’s Probably Lucky to Still Have Hands… 

You mess with the GOAT and you are lucky to walk away alive. Paulie Malignaggi found that out the hard way as he ran away from Artem Lobov for five rounds. He might have only been punched once – according to him at least – but his face bore at least three deep cuts and several bruises from the fight.

Sure, if it was boxing Malignaggi should have won. He definitely landed more shots, with his jab quite effective in the early rounds. But it’s bare-knuckle boxing and all they want is a spectacle. Blood, gore, broken teeth. That’s it. Lobov walked forward and that’s why he won.

Malignaggi still managed to bust up both of his hands during the fight though. You can check out the pictures below of his swollen appendages. Don’t ever expect to see the New Yorker fight ever again.

Screenshot: Instagram.


As you can see from the picture above, Malignaggi’s hands don’t look that great. We hope he’s got a girlfriend because a single man would definitely struggle with two broken hands like those. ‘The Magic Man’ told Sirius XM:

“I’m done. You always try to look for the next adventurous thing but I’m gonna have to look for the next adventurous thing that’s outside of fighting,” Malignaggi said. “I don’t think I can keep looking for it in fighting. I think I was always tough enough to be a fighter but my hands never cooperated with me the way I wanted them to.

“I’m glad I can say proudly that I probably accomplished more as a one-handed fighter than most fighters do as two-handed fighters. Even despite the issues I was able to have a career as a professional fighter but I think I’ve strained out every ounce of energy my hands can give me. I don’t think my hands can go on anymore.”

Screenshot: Instagram.


As well as posting the pictures of his hands, Malignaggi also wrote a lengthy statement about his feelings after the fight and his future. We’re not going to post the whole thing here because it’s too long, but he did show some respect to Artem Lobov. Even though he took the rivalry too far, by spitting at Lobov and saying that he would spit on his mother, Conor McGregor has always been the real enemy. Malignaggi wrote:

“Respect to @rushammer who always shows up to fight and give his best no mater what day or place or at what weight and respect to him for the fight on Saturday. Obviously I feel like I won the fight but that is in no way meant as a disrespect to him. I hope he can take the momentum he gained from this result and make plenty of money for himself and his family in his career.”

Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland.USA TODAY Sports.

Back to the Grind

Malignaggi has said that many boxers told him that bare-knuckle boxing is beneath him. Let’s be real: yes it is. Are we being elitist by saying that a former IBF and WBA champion has no place fighting in a hillbilly arena with his hands uncovered? He should have made enough money in his career not to have to risk his face getting mangled.

Now it’s back to what he’s good at analysing and commentating. Stick to that Paulie, please.