Former UFC Rivals Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey are Back at it Again…

For a long time, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate were the faces of women’s MMA. Both women have moved on from their UFC careers. Rousey has joined the WWE, while Tate is a regular pundit on the FOX Sports desk, analyzing UFC fights.

Both women remain massive rivals. As two of the best fighters of their generation, they were always going to collide. They fought twice, with Rousey winning both times in dominant style, by trademark armbar. However, Tate would later take the title from ‘Rowdy’s’ conqueror Holly Holm.

That sense of animosity has never truly gone away. ‘Cupcake’ has reignited their feud by giving a lengthy response to an interview Rousey gave last week. Basically, she wasn’t impressed by Rousey’s sense of entitlement. Tate’s reaction comes after ‘Rowdy’ said that it was a ‘privilege’ to get to speak to her.

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As a former champion in her own right and one of the highest profile fighters in women’s MMA, Miesha Tate knows what it is like to be in the spotlight. Unlike Rousey, it’s never something she’s shied away from, even though she also lost her last two UFC fights.

“I think this is not the kind of attitude that you should have when you’re someone who is in the position of Ronda,” Tate said. “Ronda’s very fortunate. Granted, she’s worked very hard but there’s a lot of people that work really, really hard and don’t get to that point of stardom or financial benefit or whatever it is.”

Tate’s statement is pretty fair and balanced when you think about it. Like it or not, Rousey is a part of the entertainment industry. Refusing to speak to media, after becoming the most dominant female champion of all time is not going to endear you to them.

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Full of Herself

Tate didn’t hold back. She explained how you can’t become a superstar without massive support from fans. She said:

“To say ‘it’s a privilege to hear me speak’ is just sounds rude and full of herself. She really sounds full of herself.I don’t see it as a privilege to hear her speak. She owes it – sort of, to a degree – to her fans. Without the fans and the people who care what you say, what you say doesn’t matter. So when you say something like that I feel like it’s a burn and a slap in the face to the people who love and support you”

Once again, Tate’s logic is reasonable. You can see where she is coming from. While Rousey is believed to have been struggling to comprehend her changed status, during the comedown from her defeat to Amanda Nunes, it’s understandable why Tate is not impressed by her behavior.

Ronda Rousey signed for the WWE. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Show Respect

You get the picture. She’s not impressed. Tate summed her feeling by saying:

“I think she should be more grateful for being in the position that she’s in and everybody who has genuinely loved her throughout her career than to turn around and say, ‘It’s a privilege to hear me speak.’ I think it’s a bit ridiculous.”

The two women have taken very different paths since their UFC careers ended. Rousey is on the road to becoming a giant in the WWE. Meanwhile, Tate is expecting the birth of her first child in the next couple of weeks.

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