What is it with people and fighting in fast food restaurant? For some reason, or perhaps it’s only from modern age video sharing, the youth of today seem obsessed with fighting in food outlets.


We’ve seen countless brawls and scraps, but very few require a second watch. When the inevitable end comes, it’s usually on to the next virtual page. The subject of today’s article is very different.

There appears to be two groups of youths beating the living daylights out of each other. As per usual, there’s probably little or no reason behind them trying to brutalize their fellow man. But something VERY peculiar happens in the heat of the battle.


Watch the video on the player below, and if you don’t see the bizarre moment that happens follow the instructions after the film:

[flowplayer id=”3068″]

Did you catch it? No? Watch the video again, and lookout for the mysterious man that pulls something very strange from his pocket during the fight. This is not a trick, it happens, and when you see it, your mind could well be blown.


Cannibal in China

Have you seen this one? An old man and a teenager fight over a seat in the Chinese subway, and things turn extremely ugly when the older guy turns cannibal. He is seen chewing and spitting out chunks of the young boy’s arm, as the rest of the carriage simply watches.

Watch the grizzly video on the player below:

[flowplayer id=”2892″]

What is going on in the world today? As if it wasn’t terrible enough that an old man was attempting to eat a young boy alive, but to have a bunch of onlookers just gawking away as the whole messy assault plays out?

The end is apparently nigh. We’ll leave you with this though; don’t eat seed on Chinese subways:

[flowplayer id=”2728″]

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