Russia is home to some of the toughest men on the planet, and these dash cam videos prove it.

There is something about the culture in Russia that makes the men seem far more masculine than the rest of the world. The common stereotype makes it seem that most of them have a tall and large stature, are tough as nails, and can knock you out cold with one punch. Obviously, every Russian doesn’t fit this profile, but those are the types of people seen often in Russian fight videos.

The macho image is fortified even more by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin was a KGB officer for 16 years and has been training and competing in Judo and Sambo since an early age. He is also frequently doing the manliest of man shit, like saving a tv crew from a tiger attack, shooting whales with crossbows, and riding shirtless on horseback. Yes, those are all things that he has actually done.

Vladimir Putin, just casually riding shirtless on horseback.

Nothing portrays the toughness and reckless attitude better than dash cam videos. Most Russians have cameras installed in their cars due to a laid back law enforcement system that requires hard evidence for traffic accidents and other violations.

The result of these dash cams is nothing short of spectacular. Crazy traffic accidents, wildlife encounters, and even meteors have all been caught on camera. Oh, and also fights, lots and lots of fights. Road rage is no joke in Russia.

The first video is one of the strangest fights ever. It is pure comedy gold, and seems almost too funny to be real.

YouTube video

Those are “Furries,” a unique subculture of people who like to dress up as cartoon characters and animals to go to parties and fulfil weird fantasies.

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