While there are many different rules prior to the fight since it is an exhibition match. There was a no winner and no knockout rule which doesn’t make sense since it is still two boxers fighting.

So far there are rules that will be changed from the standard boxing matches. First is that the match will be 8 rounds. The match will also be 2-minute rounds which differs from the standard 3 minutes. The Last is the glove use which both will use 12 oz gloves.

The CSAC were the ones who issued the rules since the fight with taking place in their state. CSAC Executive Director, Andy Foster explained all of this which got a lot of attention.

The under 8 rounds, 2 minutes and glove use is still okay because it ensures the safety of both boxers since they are old and retired. Although the 2 minute round favors Tyson’s side since Jones said that he would have wanted to drag Tyson on deep waters, meaning make the fight last long and tiring.

Tyson is a naturally bigger man and has been out of the official ring longer so it makes sense that he will get tired earlier. The 12oz gloves also offer both fighters less power punches absorbed. 12oz gloves are usually used for training only and not on official matches.

The usual sizes are 8 or 10oz, which is prone to body trauma in the long run. Smaller gloves are equal to stronger punches because it is lighter and less material. The 12oz gloves can also protect both fighter’s knuckles from breaking mid-fight.

The criticism of fans who are going to watch the fight is the no knockout, no winner rule. So what is the point of the exhibition match if there is no winner. The no knockout rule does not make sense as well since both fighters are punching each other, there is a chance someone is getting slept.

The promotion that will handle the fight which is Triller addressed the misunderstanding as well. Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh issued a statement

“We at Triller have no issues with the commission or Mr. Foster and did not mean to contradict anything that may have been said by them,”

Fortunately, the exhibition match will obviously have a referee to protect both fighters. The referee will not decide who the winner is but rather the WBC will have 3 judges judging the fight. The 3 judges will decide the winner of the fight.

It is also worth noting the 3 judges will judge the fight remotely. So things to note is that the CSAC will not have judges and no winner will be announced but the Triller and WBC will be the ones to judge and score the winner.

The WBC will also provide a belt for the winner. It is not really an official major title belt but rather just something that the winner will get. The Mayweather Mcgregor fight also had this which was nicknamed the Money Belt. It would make sense that WBC will also give one for the Tyson-Jones given how big the name of both boxers.

The important thing is the entertainment of the fans because, at the end of the day, both boxers are there to put on a show. It is also for Tyson to prove that he still got it and that he came back from being overweight to a healthy boxing phenom.






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