MMA Community is rooting for Ben Askren to win against Jake Paul

For those who are not aware, Ben Askren is fighting Youtuber, Jake Paul in a boxing match which is kind of crazy if you think about it. MMA fans know that Askren is below average in terms of his striking but what sets him apart from Paul is that he has fought world class fighters for years. The bout is scheduled for April 17.

Ben Askren is a wrestling Olympian that was a champion in two major organizations, Bellator and ONE. He was undefeated prior to joining UFC and the only thing that he did was wrestle. His wrestling itself was enough to become a world champion. Even though his striking sucks, his wrestling is so high that most of his opponents cannot do anything about it.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul has fought two non-boxers in a boxing match where he knocked both of them out but let us be honest, his opponents are far from the level that Askren has fought.

It is also worth noting that Askren really has nothing to lose. Yes, he might get embarrassed and it will recorded forever on the internet but it will be his biggest payday and he is already 36 years old coming off with a hip replacement. He is also not that athletic and relies more on the skill and technique to win a fight.

Ben Askren is currently training under Freddie Roach, thanks to Dana White. Oh I forgot, Askren and White are friends now and are doing all they can to beat Jake Paul. White is also willing to bet $1M that Askren beats Paul. White is a big part in the MMA community since he is the president of the biggest MMA organization in the world.

Some fans might say that Askren does not respresent MMA because Askren does not possess the best striking that MMA has to offer but at the end of the day he was still an MMA Champion.

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A loss from Askren would not really hurt the MMA community but surely fans are rooting for Askren to knock Paul out cold. It could potentially be the most satisfying win in recent memory, a fighter knocking out a bully in front of millions of people.

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