Don’t Mess With an MMA Fighter… It Will End Badly for You…

Diego Peclat never made it at the highest level in MMA but he was still a solid enough fighter and more than skilled enough to take down the average dude. The Brazilian moved from Rio de Janeiro to the US to further his MMA dreams and is now working as a fire officer in Montgomery, MD.

Clearly, Peclat is a man drawn towards action. He’s not afraid to put his body on the line, whether that means fighting somebody in a cage or charging into a burning building to save somebody’s life. So if somebody is trying to steal an ambulance from beside a hospital, he’s the man that you want right beside you.

Peclat was a five-year MMA professional before he chose to work in the fire brigade. He established a solid record of 5-7-2. His last fight was against Raymond back in November 2015, at Fight Time 28. The Brazilian is also a former Muay Thai professional. While he may not have set the world on fire with his pro displays, he’s still put in the training to be a bad man.

Take Down

On July 28, Peclat noticed a man trying to open the door of an ambulance by Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park when he got suspicious. That’s when the man started to wave a knife in the former Blackzillian’s Gym fighter. Bad move.  There have been many stories of people pulling weapons on or attempting to mug MMA fighters, without realizing the skills that these guys have. This one ended the way 99% of them do. A scuffle broke out, with Peclat taking the man down.

“I squared off with him,” said Peclat. He then said he told Broadus that he should put the knife away or else, “It’s going to get pretty bad for you.”

The man was later identified as Christopher Broadus and was a patient from the hospital who had also allegedly assaulted a nurse on his way out of the door. Too bad that he ran into the wrong guy.

Screenshot: Twitter.

No Fear

The former MMA fighter demonstrated some warrior spirit. He wasn’t worried in the slightest about getting hurt. As they were literally right beside a hospital, he was in the right place if he got hurt. That’s a special kind of tough right there. He acted and it turned out ok for him. Peclat said:

“I was close to the hospital,” he said. “If he stabbed me one time, it’s alright, I will be right there. They could help me.”

You can’t argue with that kind of logic. Still, though, you’ve got to respect the man for his lack of fear. Not everybody would be capable of doing that.

Bad Ending

When asked for a comment, Montgomery Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Pete Pringer summed it up pretty well. He said:

“I like sandwiches, but I don’t like knuckle sandwiches. It looks like that’s what this guy probably got.”

Don’t mess with MMA fighters folks. It just won’t come off well for you.

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