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‘Chaos’ Makes it His Business to Insult Everybody… But Saying That Kamaru Usman’s Manager Died After the Champion Ducked Fights is Just Too Much…

Does Colby Covington’s mother even like him? The man from Clovis, California is the single-most offensive figure in MMA and the majority of people hope that Kamaru Usman beats him when they finally fight. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ hasn’t fought since emphatically beating Tyron Woodley.

Now Usman looks set to take on Covington in the culmination of a bitter rivalry. The MAGA cap-wearing Covington is doing his best to stoke the flames. He’s not shy about insulting people. He’s already targeted the entire nation of Brazil, Matt Hughes’s train accident, and Robbie Lawlor.

But he could have gone too far by bringing up Usman’s late manager. Check out his latest tasteless comments below.

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Covington was interviewed by Submission Radio and astonishingly claimed that Usman’s former manager Glenn Robinson actually died after getting fed up waiting for his fighter to stop ducking fights. It’s a fairly deplorable thing to say. The former interim champion said:

“The guy’s a piece of s**t. I’ve just heard from so many people how he’s so fake and he just acts like he’s some superstar and he acts like he’s better than people. He has no personality. Literally, Tyron Woodley had more charisma than him. Like, that’s sad.

Tyron Woodley has zero charisma, so you know that’s in the negatives for Marty Fakenewsman. So, the guy’s a piece of s**t.””I mean, he was ducking me so long that Glenn Robinson (who) was his manager, that Glenn Robinson died from it because he was ducking me so hard and wouldn’t fight me.”

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Covington doesn’t exactly have bucketloads of charisma either. All he does is pick fights with people – as he did with Miesha Tate yesterday. Anyway, he then went on a rant about his admittedly impressive performance against Robbie Lawlor:

”My performance over the weekend over the legend, first-ballot hall-of-famer Robbie Lawler was nothing shy of perfect. That’s what they call a perfect game in the baseball world. Didn’t get touched. Most strikes ever thrown. Completely dominated him in every facet of the game. The guy’s a first-ballot hall-of-famer, he’s a legend in the game, and no one’s ever done that to me, but I did it to him. And that’s with no training camp.”

”I had four weeks short notice fight and I got a cut in the first half week. And as you can see it on my face, look at the pictures in the fight, look at that cut on my left eye. It’s nasty. And that’s what I did with no training camp, no sparring, no grappling. If anybody doubts me against Marty Fakenewsman it’s gonna be the stupidest fucking easiest money I ever made in my life, and everyone that supports me, made in their life.”

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Former interim champion Covington then explained why he’s going to take Usman apart. We really hope that the champion does to him what he did to Tyron Woodley. Covington said:

”He’s a D-2-level wrestler. He’s not on my level wrestling. He’s a D-3-level f**king striker. He can’t strike. He’s got pillow fists. He’s never knocked nobody out. He’s a bum. I’m gonna expose him, I’m gonna leave him in a pool of his own blood, and you hear it here first.”

We’re hearing too much from him.

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