Anyone who goes to a martial arts gym knows the different kinds of characters you can encounter as you step inside the dojo. And while they may not seem all that different from regular gym-goers, there surely is something to be said about the guy who goes in and spends hours on the mats, or kicking the bags, to increase combat proficiency.


The constant pursuit of self-improvement — this is the spirit of martial arts and there truly are no people in the world quite like martial artists.

Here are five different types of people you can find in MMA gyms.

Sage Northcutt

The Fitness Enthusiast

Where you can find him: Just hanging around, waiting and wanting to try the next class

Who he is: Here’s the guy who likes to take part in everything. While martial arts requires lots of discipline and inherent toughness, everyone can agree that attending classes is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people.

These people like to hang around all the classes and goes to 2-3 a day. They seemingly never run out of energy and are super fit. They’re the ones who constantly get in your face asking you about when they’ll see you next even if you just started.

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