Self-defense is an essential part of mixed martial arts (MMA). The ability to protect oneself and the people around him is important for the safety of both the person defending himself and the person attacking.

In the video you’re about to see, one man is being attacked by a group of men. Turns out however, the man is a trained MMA fighter and used his skills to near perfection in defending himself against the attack.


If You Want To Learn To Defend Yourself, Train At The Gym

The unknown man exhibited terrific poise, not commonly seen in street fights. As he patiently waited for his attack to move forward, the man looked for openings to mount his offense and to launch his counter strikes.

As the attacker pressed forward, the man laid back and bounced on his heels looking to end the fight with one big shot. He lands a couple of leg kicks for good measure before clocking the attacker with a looping right hook that sent the thug to the ground.

Amazingly, his opponent was able to make it back up to his feet. But he should have known better than to continue his useless march forward.

Listening closely to the audio, you can hear bystanders cautioning the attacker to no longer pursue the attack. Sensing that the man was in way over his head against a trained MMA fighter, his friends try to tell him to stop.


Training Martial Arts Can Prevent You From Looking Like A Fool

However, advice was not heeded as the attacker continued to move closer to the MMA fighter. Another leg kick lands for the MMA fighter and in the blink of an eye, an opening presented itself. MMA fighter uncorks a lightning quick right hand, dropping the attacker once again and this time, he wasn’t getting back up.

Another man comes up to the MMA fighter, although this one is understandably a little more hesitant.

The best method of fighting is still to avoid fighting at all costs. Fighting, especially on the streets, rarely works out well for all parties. But in situations where fighting just simply cannot be avoided, then knowing how to properly defend yourself is key to your survival.sIt’s a tough world out there, and knowing MMA can increase your ability to defend yourself and the innocent people around you.


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