Apparently there’s no such thing as a friendly sparring session where these guys come from, this video is brutal….

Yet another interesting contrast in styles, this time it’s a Thai boxer taking on a self proclaimed Wing Chun practitioner. Martial arts sparring has always been a proving ground for one’s skills and technique while training, but some people tend to take it too far.

Of course many martial arts and combat sports encourage hard sparring, to allow the fighters to get more conditioned to the realities of a fight in the ring or cage. The problem comes when these types of gym wars are not moderated enough.

(Muay Thai vs Wing Chun video on page 2)


So the subject of today’s article is a particularly brutal fight video between two young martial artists in what appears to be a small dojo. The battle that ensues raises some serious questions though.

Firstly, why are they allowed to go as far as they do? We are all aware of the inherent risks involved with fighting, but there are things you can do to make sparring and full contact fighting much safer.

(Muay Thai vs Wing Chun fight video on page 2)


So without further ado, prepare yourself for the brutal fight video.

Skip to page 2 for the Muay Thai vs Wing Chun fight video…

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