Watch one fighter rock his opponent with a clean elbow, leading to an onslaught of punishing combinations until he hits the canvas. The action starts at 3:18 of the video. Catch the slow motion replay, showing the slashing elbow at 5:08.

YouTube video

This video showcases the violence of Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand. There are a lot of fighters who claim to train “Muay Thai” for MMA or sport. However, the real Muay Thai is in Thailand, where a truly elite level of skill and toughness is developed through rigorous training and frequent fights in the humid climate.

Thailand, where the humidity brings the heat index above 110° during summer months

Another unique aspect of Muay Thai is the clinch, when a fighter grabs his opponent to control him and set up other attacks. Once a fighter establishes the clinch, he will try to break his opponent’s posture down. This will give him even more control, and can lead to devastating knees to the face. Watch the highlight video of knockouts and takdowns from the clinch position.

YouTube video

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