The best heavyweight in kickboxing has made some bold claims regarding his future in MMA

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Ever since the beginning of mixed martial arts, we have seen athletes attempt to cross over from other sports. In 2016, it seems that we are seeing a higher volume of stars that are realizing that MMA is the future of combat sports. Those athletes who are continuing to improve and not already past their prime are preparing for a transition to MMA. Case in point, GLORY Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven.

Verhoeven, a 6’5″ 250 lb. Dutch kickboxer, made his MMA debut in October 2015 against Viktor Bogutzki in Romania. The “Prince of Kickboxing” won by ground and pound TKO in the first round after taking his opponent down. Having trained in grappling for 4 years, the 26-year old Dutchman is ready and excited for his future in MMA. He also believes that he can step in and compete with top tier heavyweights right now.

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