Five UFC Fighters Who Look Awful Since USADA Drug Testing

By Salvador Sanchez
Five UFC Fighters Who Look Awful Since USADA Drug Testing

Is it a coincidence?

Since the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) assumed the role of cleaning up the sport of mixed martial arts, we’ve seen some crazy results. Not only have some of the UFC’s biggest stars been involved in shocking drug scandals, but fighter performance has also been massively altered.

The new drug testing regime came in to effect on July 1, 2015 and has already left a massive mark on the sport of MMA. Is it for the better? In terms of keeping a level playing field and increasing fighter health and safety, most definitely.

For certain fighters though, the new and more strict drug testing has meant a rapid decline in performance and results.

It’s worth pointing out though, some of these results may simply be a coincidence, and this articles by no means intending to accuse any fighter(s) of illegal drug use.

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Jose Aldo

UFC commentator Joe Rogan commented on how Jose Aldo looked ‘soft’ before his UFC 194 bout with Conor McGregor. 13 seconds later, the former undisputed and dominant Brazilian was unconscious on the canvas.

The featherweight belt was handed over to McGregor, and suddenly that whole fiasco with a drug tester that Aldo’s team had detained based on immigration laws looked very fishy indeed.

Before USADA-undefeated in the UFC, since USADA-smashed in 13 seconds.