Before there was Floyd “Money” Mayweather, there was the “Golden Boy”. The original undisputed king of the box office, Oscar Dela Hoya, commanded top dollar during his prime run as the world’s best boxer. It wasn’t until 2007 however that Dela Hoya passed the proverbial torch to Mayweather.

But even if he has long been retired and out of the fight game, an old dog like Dela Hoya still feels the itch to compete every now and then. It must be tough, for a guy like the Golden Boy, to watch the younger fighters do what they do today. He must constantly be thinking to himself how he could smoke some of these up and comers.

And that’s natural. Every fighter from “Big” George Foreman to “Iron” Mike Tyson wishes they had another chance to reprise their top form. Dela Hoya is no exception. The Mexican-American boxing legend recently spoke candidly in an interview with DashRadio talking about how he would fare against a very famous mixed martial artist, should he step back in the boxing ring at age 44.


Oscar Dela Hoya Says He Only Needs Two Rounds to Beat Conor McGregor

Dela Hoya was a great fighter in his prime. He offered a two-fisted attack, had great body punches and was relentless in his offense. Floyd Mayweather, a defensive technician, needed 10 rounds to knock out Conor McGregor in a massive multi-million dollar megafight last September. Dela Hoya feels he could do much better if given the chance.

“You know I’m competitive,” De La Hoya said, speaking on DashRadio. “You know I still have it in me. I’ve been secretly training. Secretly training. I’m faster than ever, and stronger than ever. I know I could take out Conor McGregor in two rounds. I’ll come back for that fight. Two rounds.

“Just one more. I’m calling him out. Two rounds. That’s all I need. That’s all I’m going to say.”

“He’s a big Irishman,” De La Hoya said. “He’s the king. He’s the king. … Hey, let’s get it straight: in the cage, he would freakin’ destroy me. He would destroy me. No, [we have to fight] in the ring.”

At Least Dela Hoya Knows He Would Get Plastered In the Octagon

Take it with a grain of salt if you will, however. At nearly 50 years of age, Dela Hoya is in no shape to be fighting. Bernard Hopkins was able to pull off some freakish accomplishments, but there’s just no way Dela Hoya would be able to do the same.

The last time Dela Hoya was in the ring was in 2008 against a prime Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao absolutely creamed Dela Hoya, battering the Mexican from pillar to post in the worst beating of his illustrious career. He was so beat up that he immediately retired after the bout and never stepped foot in the ring again.

But could Dela Hoya come back, theoretically? Technically yes. The man still does have the skills, and that will never leave him. Perhaps Dela Hoya was given hope due to how terrible McGregor looked against a Mayweather who was giving up rounds.

Make no mistake about it however. Even a limited Conor McGregor would easily be able to finish an old, washed up legend like Dela Hoya in a real boxing match.

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