Manny Pacquiao claimed on Sunday that a fight against Floyd Mayweather will happen in Japan under RIZIN.

The bouts aren’t the only highlight of RIZIN 45 in Japan last weekend. During the event, Pacquiao and RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara stepped into the ring, which surprised fans. The executive then offered Pacquiao to fight Mayweather and the former affirmed it.

“Can you please fight Floyd Mayweather next year?” Sakakibara started.

“I’m ready,” answered Pacquiao. “Thank you so much for inviting me here again. I’m sorry for the last time that we promised we were going to fight this year, but like Sakakibara explained, this year, I will see you here in Japan again with a big fight against Floyd Mayweather. I’m excited for that. Thank you for all the support in Rizin, and thank you, Sakakibara.”

Pacquiao is officially retired from boxing, which started in 2021. The Filipino boxer entertained one exhibition fight in 2022 versus YouTuber DK Yoo, whom he defeated. This rematch against Mayweather, nonetheless, will overshadow this. The two fought in May 2015 in a fight billed as the Fight of the Century or the Battle for Greatness, with Pacquiao losing to Mayweather via unanimous decision. This might happen again after less than a decade, with Pacquiao currently signed to RIZIN.

Mayweather also previously worked for RIZIN, so there’s a huge possibility of the promotion arranging the fight between him and Pacquiao. The 46-year-old still hasn’t confirmed Pacquiao’s claim, but it will be an enticing offer to accept for the fighter, especially since the two have a long history of rivalry in the sport.

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