It is a shame that when fans talk about who the GOAT is, they don’t include Jose Aldo. He is the greatest featherweight champion in UFC and probably in the sport of MMA. He has reigned the division for almost a decade and has beaten big names in the division.

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His background story in his early years is also one of the most inspiring stories among the fighters. He came from a poor family where he spent all of his money to travel and go the gym for training. He cleaned the gym just to compensate for his training and lodging. The gym is also where he sleeps. Now he is treated as a Hero in Brazil.

Most just know Aldo as the guy McGregor knocked out, but he by far has the best resume in the smaller weight division. Even before UFC, he looked invincible where he has beaten guys like Cub Swanson, Mike Brown, and Urijah Faber.

Mike Brown was on a 10 fight win streak and the WEC featherweight champion before facing Jose Aldo. When they fought, Aldo was just too fast and too strong even for a durable Mike Brown. Just shows how high-skilled Aldo was. Mike Brown is now known coaching top fighters in MMA like Dustin Poirier, Kyoji Horiguchi and many others.

What made Aldo great was he may be the most well-rounded fighter in MMA. His striking was world class, especially his leg kicks. Urijah Faber had no answer for his leg kicks and could not walk for weeks after taking those brutal leg kicks. His Muay Thai and head movement is among the best as well.

You many think that since he is great in striking, wrestling is the way to beat him, wrong. Aldo has one of the best takedown defense in UFC history, even Frankie Edgar who was the former lightweight champion could not take him down.

Another great wrestler, Chad Mendes could not control him in the ground. If he is ever taken down, he is still dangerous since he is a black belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

It is a shame that most fans don’t know that Aldo was one of the greatest fighters and the pioneer of the division. He basically reigned the division for a long time. Yes, he got knocked out in 13 seconds but anything can happen inside the Octagon and Aldo deserved a rematch more than anything.

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One of the potential reasons for his decline might be father time caught up to him. He may still be young but his fight mileage is high. He does not use the leg kicks more often, but some speculate it is due to a waist injury.

After his loss, he still went on to win the interim featherweight champion beating Frankie Edgar but was later promoted to the undisputed champion. He then lost back to back to Max Holloway. He has wins and losses then decided to move down and try his shot for the bantamweight division.

Jose Aldo and Andre Pederneiras. Mandatory Credit: Joshua Dahl, USA TODAY Sports.

A lot of fighters have tremendous respect for Jose Aldo even his past opponents. Hopefully the modern UFC fans should appreciate Jose Aldo more. A Prime Jose Aldo is one of the most dangerous fighters of all time.

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