One of the worst takes when Errol Spence Jr was forced to withdraw his fight against Manny Pacquiao was that Spence was ducking Pacquiao. You may have or haven’t heard of it but that is the sad reality of some boxing fans. For the haters, safety is still the number one priority in any sport.

Had the fight happened, we might see Spence receive permanent damage. Some even speculate the Spence might hang up his gloves because he already made enough money to retire and the huge risk of fighting with a damaged eye. His future opponents could potentially target his eye.

For those that do not want to see the event anymore mainly because they just wanted to see Spence vs Pacquiao, they could refund their ticket. It is completely understandable as Spence and Pacquiao are some of the biggest names in boxing right now and due to the unfortunate circumstances it will not be as big as the original bout.

For Errol Spence, he has updated regarding his status. He went to three doctors and all same thing but he is more than ready to face the winner of Pacquiao vs Ugas. It will be a massive unification if Spence fights the winner of the upcoming fight. Hope all goes well in Spence’s health.

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