After suffering his first-ever pro boxing loss against Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder has made changes in his training camp. The arbitration was in favor of Wilder getting his trilogy or the rematch clause which means he is set to face Fury for the third time. Wilder decided to replace his coach Mark Breland with Malik Scott.

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Many were saying that Wilder lacked skill and fundamentals when he faced Tyson Fury. It was indeed true Wilder did not possess those mainly because he started boxing late and he had that “eraser power” that knocks his opponents out. The problem is Fury exploited his weaknesses and got the better of the rematch.

No one can question Wilder already has the power but if he ever wants to beat Fury he might need more than just power. He needs to throw combos or even set up his right hand. Fury is already aware of Wilder’s right hand that if it doesn’t land he wins the fight. Wilder needs more tools to throw to beat Fury.

It is certainly intriguing to see what version of Wilder will show up on the trilogy fight. Will he catch Fury off guard or is Fury just the better fighter overall? Fury may come in as a decent favorite but if Wilder somehow lands that right hand it is all over, that is simply the beauty of heavyweight boxing.

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