Joe Pyfer made his first statement after losing to Jack Hermansson in their main event fight at UFC Fight Night 236 this last weekend. According to the fighter, he gave his all, but his downfall started after the opponent’s punch in his eyeball.

Pyfer got his first main event by facing Hermansson. The bout was questioned by many, especially since it was just the young fighter’s fourth octagon appearance, and Hermansson was a veteran in the promotion. Despite this, Pyfer expressed his confidence in taking the fight but ultimately lost to “The Joker” via a unanimous decision. This snapped the 27-year-old’s three-fight winning streak and gave him his first octagon loss.

In his recent video addressing fans and the MMA community, the fighter appeared with a bruised face but noted that he was fine. In line with this, Pyfer explained his loss, stating his downward spiral began when he received a hit in the eye. Ultimately, “Bodybagz” admitted that the calf kicks Hermansson made a significant impact in the fight.

“I’m OK, despite how my face looks,” Pyfer said in the video. “I wasn’t rocked. I got punched in the eyeball (and) couldn’t see. I did a good job on the calf (kicks). But I feel like the eye, when I lost vision, I fell that round; I lost that round and just couldn’t get it back, and he did a good job on the calf.”

The result of the match resulted in some praises and criticisms, but Pyfer knows that he gave everything he had inside the cage. With this, the fighter addressed his haters and congratulated Hermansson on his victory. Ultimately, Pyfer promised to make a 

“To all my haters, suck a fat d*ck,” continued Pyfer. “I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway. I give it 100 percent every time. We’ll make adjustments, and we’ll come back. Thank you to all my sponsors, thank you to everybody who supports me, and yeah – good job, Jack.”

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