Wow…UFC president Dana White cares about one things and that’s Conor McGregor (money)…

Since the booking of Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, the internet has been abuzz about the ‘biggest fight of the year.’ Although it was an unlikely clash when first talked about, money has clearly paved the way.

Does Conor McGregor get better treatment than other fighters? The answer is yes, even UFC president Dana White has admitted that. From a business point of view, it’s simply protection of their best asset.

For other fighters, it’s not as basic as a business move, it’s their wage that pales in comparison, and their requests that don’t get heard.

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Complaints From Other Fighters

Obviously times have changed, fighters are starting to use their voice, albeit to not much avail. While the UFC ‘allegedly’ remains a largely unregulated company in terms of their practice and fighter treatment, complaints and stories of maltreatment will remain frequent.

Take for example Demetrious Johnson. Arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, and he is far from happy. Being reportedly ‘bullied’ by Dana White, forced in to fights with no real monetary incentive. And when he speaks up? Dana White shoots him down.

According to the baldfather himself, fighters should be ‘more like Conor’ if they want to get something from this career path:

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Stop Crying Says Dana White

“I got all these guys crying about ‘Oh Conor this and Conor that,’“ White told media members on yesterday’s media conference call. “Shut up. Step up and fight like Conor McGregor fights. Take the big fights when someone falls out on four or five days notice.”

“Conor is a mixed martial artist going into a boxing match with arguably the greatest boxer of all time. I don’t think it damages the brand or Conor McGregor at all, I think it actually elevates Conor McGregor.

“The fact that this kid who has so much to lose is willing to step in and is absolutely confident that he will win this fight, I think is one of the many reasons that people love Conor McGregor. Win, lose or draw it will be one of the reasons that people continue to love Conor McGregor.”

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Dana White is basically explaining why he has a dollar-fuelled man crush on Conor McGregor…

“And we’ve got these guys who are supposed to be the biggest, baddest guys in the world. They claim they’re the best in the world or they’re the world champion or whatever it may be. They’re not willing to step up and take a late minute replacement. And when you’re a fan, you bought tickets, you got your hotel booked, you got a party planned on Saturday night.

When your guy steps up and fights anybody and then wins, that’s the stuff that everybody loves. And that’s the way Conor is. Conor told me this morning the McGregor clan has been taking over villages for 300 years, and Floyd’s village is next.”

Reading between the lines-don’t knock on the door with a problem unless you make the company millions.

In closing, one of many recent fighter complaints. This time it’s UFC fighter Adam Milstead getting stiffed by the promotion on medical bills:

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