This is not to say it’s going to happen, only that it could…

They say “anything can happen in a fight”, but there must be limits on that. There are somethings that everyone knows we will never see in a fight. Is one of those things Conor McGregor defeating Floyd Mayweather? Could a man who has never boxed professionally beat arguably the greatest of all-time in his first pro-bout?

Anything can happen in a fight, but really?

In this case there are actually five different ways Conor McGregor could potentially beat Floyd Mayweather. In fact, a few of these scenarios could potentially happen.

Currently the Vegas odds have Conor at a +1000 underdog. I’m picking Conor. Not because I think he’ll win, I just like his chances of winning better than Vegas currently does. While everyone agrees the most likely scenario is Floyd Mayweather badly out-classing Conor for 12 rounds, something altogether different happening is perfectly within the realm of possibility.

Here are 5 different ways Conor McGregor can defeat Floyd Mayweather:

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5. Lucky Punch

Even some of the most hardened combat sport purists will admit that Conor has, if anything, a puncher’s chance. One skill we know Conor has that should translate to boxing quite well, is that he can knock people out with his left hand.

This gives Conor possibly his biggest chance to win the fight. All he has to do is land one clean shot to shock the world. Close your eyes and swing enough times and every once and again, you’ll land one.

What if Conor did something bizarre or incredibly out of the ordinary as well? Something that momentarily throws off Floyd’s focus? Conor could just start intently screaming Gaelic at him, freaking him out enough that he drops his hands just for a moment. It would only take one small hole to open up once.

Conor could also fake as though he was going to shoot in for a takedown, then bounce up and punch him in the face. It’s not against the rules to fake a takedown.

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