No wonder McGregor is such a HUGE underdog in the Vegas betting lines…

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, albeit an anomaly, will take place on August 26. After a lot of talk and negotiations, McGregor and Mayweather came to terms and signed their contracts.

Boxing is 100% different to MMA, that’s just a fact. Perhaps this makes the bout more enticing to some, but to others this is an infuriating factor. Many believe Mayweather will simply clown the Irishman in the boxing ring.

Whether or not this happens remains to be seen, but the prospect has many fight fans and sports personalities talking.

Believe it or not, the fight everybody thought would never happening is here, it’s real and it’s going down in August…

McGregor’s Sparring Partner Speaks Out

Remember back in 2016 when professional boxer Chris Van Heerden was sparring with McGregor? There was quite a fuss made when ‘The Notorious’ released edited footage of their sparring session.

McGregor was preparing for a rematch with Nate Diaz, who had beaten him by submission at UFC 196. His website ‘The ac Life’ published the video of McGregor apparently getting the upper hand on CVH.

Since the news that McGregor will face Mayweather in Las Vegas, Van Heerden released the following statement, with a video of him bashing McGregor to the body and head:

People telling me Mayweather will have his hands full trying to land on McGregor -STOP IT! I respect McGregor BUT I ain’t Floyd and I landed.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are born entertainers, so don’t be surprised if more people watch the press conference than pay for the fight itself…

Wool Over Eyes?

Are we really having the wool pulled over our eyes with this fight? Sure, for the casual fans with little knowledge and $100 bucks to spare, this fight is a sure sell, but what about those who started following MMA before 2013?

Also anyone with the slightest bit of boxing or combat sports knowledge seems to be picking Mayweather by a complete whitewash. Just yesterday, famed boxing trainer Teddy Atlas said McGregor’s boxing was ‘c class’ at best:

Atlas Shreds McGregor

From MMA Fighting:

“At the end of the day, myself, most boxing people that have been around the business think it’s a caveman in there with a defensive genius,” Atlas said. “And usually cavemen don’t win those matches, because in this case they’re not allowed to bring a club. Even if he brought a club, you know what? There would be a lot of strikes. I don’t think that he’d be catching Floyd too easily with that.”

“You got a guy, that yeah he’s a good striker,” Atlas added. “He might be one of the better strikers in the MMA world, I don’t know. I don’t rate him that way. But in the boxing world, he’s a ‘C’ class fighter. And I’m not knocking him. Because if it’s MMA rules he wins. Because he comes in low, he gets under his legs, he gets him on the ground, he ground and pounds, he grapples and Floyd’s got no chance. But strictly standing, you know Marquess of Queensberry Rules? Nuh uh. Not happening.”

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  1. McBurger will drop fro sheer exhaustion after round 3, trying to hit MW or avoiding getting hit. Fail fight waiting in the wings.

  2. Floyd’s simply going to pick him apart round by round and do it in a very embarrassing manner. Enjoy your pay day Conor.

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