In episode 825 of Joe Rogan’s Youtube show called “The Joe Rogan Experience” which took place a little over a week ago, the longtime UFC commentator and TV show host watches a video of rapper Kasper Knight shooting himself in the cheek and seemingly swallowing a bullet.

In the video, Knight is seen aiming a small pistol directly at his right cheek, pulling the trigger. The bullet blows a hole through his face but isn’t seen exiting on the other side. Moments later, Knight says he swallowed the bullet.


Rogan is seen in the clip watching Knight pull off the stunt.

“We need to go,” said Knight in the video clip. “If I die, f–k it.”

To which Rogan remarked: “You’re not gonna die from that, pussy.”

Rogan regarded Knight’s circus act as an act of stupidity, and that Knight’s parents were “at home doing meth.”

“You shot yourself, you idiot,” said Rogan.

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