Possibly the most awkward video ever, considering Jon Jones’ recent troubles…

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is once again running the gauntlet in the New Mexico courts. Having got away pretty lightly with his crazy 2015 hit-and-run saga, it seems Jones just can’t keep out of trouble with Johnny Law.

This week it was revealed that ‘Bones’ had once again had a run in with the New Mexico police department. The ex-UFC light-heavyweight champ was this time accused of drag racing in the street in his high powered Corvette.


Jones was later arrested following quite a vulgar display of foul language towards the police officer Jason Brown. With all the hype surrounding his rematch with Daniel Cormier now taking a back seat to even more legal woes, it seems Jones might be losing his grip again.

Given the circumstances, the video you are about to view may surprise you. It features Jon Jones saying he’s always wanted to join the police, and he gets chased down by an attack dog too.

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