Well, that’s one way to stop a drunk driving friend…

One thing everyone should avoid at all costs is drunk driving. It’s dangerous for everyone involved and comes with so many inherent risks that it’s simply crazy to attempt. In the subject of today’s article, only one party was aware of the dangers.

Whether it’s not wanting to walk or pay for a taxi, or just because the person is far too intoxicated, people will try to justify driving while under the influence in many ways.

The results can and often are deadly and tragic.


It’s for these reasons and more that the video we’ll show you today is awesome. It features two friends in a parking lot, one of whom is trying to get in his car and drive while heavily intoxicated by alcohol.

Watch on the player below:

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Who knows what kind of havoc this man might have caused had he been allowed to drive on this night. Luckily his friend knew what was best, and used a nice rear naked choke to render the drunk man out cold.

Violence is rarely a good solution to anything, but when you might save someone’s life, martial arts training is there to be utilized.


The Chinese Subway Ninja

Of course no one is going to argue against fighting in the above situation, but lets look at the other extreme, this time when violence is used seemingly without the need to.

This Chinese subway confrontation is ended when a ninja emerges from nowhere, and smashes the youth’s face with what appears to be a hammer. In China and other Eastern countries, things like vandals and verbally abusive teens are seen as a kind of epidemic.

What do you think about the way this kid gets handled? Is it a few steps too far?

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