Ronda Rousey’s career could be over even before UFC 207. An intense pre-fight staredown with current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, reportedly left Rousey in tears and needing to be consoled. The report is fuelling ongoing speculation that Rousey has already checked-out mentally from her fight career.

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Amanda Nunes Staredown

Recently at the UFC 205 weigh-ins, both Nunes and Rousey made appearances to hype their December 30th fight at UFC 207. Some controversy ensued when Ronda shook her arm free from Dana White and stormed off stage. White would later claim that a production error was to blame, as Rousey was not expecting Joe Rogan to interview the fighters. Rousey may have felt Rogan would interview her next, and she was not interested in answering any questions evidently.

Now reports are that Rousey was so upset after the staredown that she needed to be consoled backstage. It has been over a year since Rousey faced Holly Holm on November 15th 2015, perhaps the competitive feeling of the stare down brought up feelings Rousey wasn’t ready to deal with yet.

If Rousey is having trouble dealing with the pressure of the stare down, it doesn’t bode well for her chances when it comes time to fight.


Ronda Rousey’s Judo Career

Rousey is dealing with losing her championship much the same way she dealt with losing in the Olympics. Following her bronze medal performance in the 2008 Olympics, Rousey retired from the sport altogether. At only 21 years of age at the time, Rousey could have aspired to win gold just 4 years later. Instead, Rousey chose to give up on Judo for good.
She wouldn’t have her first amateur MMA bout for over 2 years. Now it appears Ronda is ready to end her fight career after only one set-back as well.


Fighters Over 30

Ronda will turn 30 early next year, a pivotal year for fighters. Fighters who evolve over time tend to reach their peak during this period, whereas those who get by on raw talent alone tend to fall fast after reaching the same age. Fighters such as Robbie Lawler and Anderson Silva went from good fighters to champions while in their 30s, whereas BJ Penn’s record since hitting his 3rd decade is 1W-5L-1D.

Longtime Rousey rival Miesha Tate recently announced her retirement at just 30 years of age as well. Tate, like Rousey, suffered an emotional and heartbreaking title loss recently.

from Full Net Worth
from Full Net Worth

Ronda Rousey’s Acting Career in Shambles

Rousey’s acting career might be over before her fight career. Reports are that studios are not happy with Rousey’s acting ability. Mile 22, which was set to star Rousey, has now been indefinitely put on hold. The New Yorker is reporting the decision to hold off on the movie was due to studio execs doubting Rousey’s performance.

The remake of “Roadhouse” that was also set to star Rousey, has been pushed back to a May 2017 release.

Rousey’s most likely destination following the end of her fight game is the WWE. Stephanie McMahon has made no secret that she would like to sign Rousey. Perhaps the WWE is banking on Rousey doing for women’s wrestling what she did for MMA.



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