Since last Friday’s UFC 207 main event, everyone has been talking about Ronda Rousey. Facing he rampant Brazilian champion Amanda Nunes, ‘Rowdy’ again displayed sub-par striking and defense. This time around, Rousey paid for her lack of fundamentals in just 48 seconds.

Similarly to after the Holly Holm fight, fans are crying out for ‘Rowdy’ to change camps. With so many elite gyms available, you’d think a switch of scenery would be simple. Apparently, it’s not that easy.


Change Camps?

According to former UFC heavyweight and Ronda’s ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub, Rousey won’t be changing camps. Although he acknowledges Edmond Tarverdyan is a terrible coach, Schaub says there are many factors keeping her at Glendale:

“I think that’s it, I don’t know why she would come back. 411 days off in MMA is like taking four years off in football. That’s how fast the sport is growing. If I came back now I’d look like Jack Dempsey.”

“The sport evolves so fast. I think the 411 days off were a mistake, so if she takes more time off, what then? She fights an even more seasoned Amanda Nunes, what happens then? People are saying she should just change camps, it doesn’t work like that. Let’s say she goes and trains at Jacksons, what happens if she doesn’t gel with the coaches?”

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“Let’s say she’s used to being the only top dog in the gym, and she goes to Jacksons and it’s full of killers. Maybe Winklejohn doesn’t understand how to coach her, or her ego is too big. What would have been the better gameplan, she should have stayed on the outside and picked her shots?”

“She’s never done that in her career, and you expect her to do that while she’s shooting all these movies? It doesn’t work like that. If that’s not your cup of tea, it’s not going to help you. There’s so many factors, it’s such an intimate relationship between a coach and a fighter. That’s why she’s so loyal to Edmond (Tarverdyan) even though he’s so bad.”

“He has no business being her coach. The other guys and women he’s coaching are terrible. You look at how he single handedly ruined Travis Browne’s career. Even though he beat me, he’s a terrible fighter now. He had more talent than anyone who came through that gym, including Ronda. His career is going down the drain.”

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  1. Rhonda is good at her jujitsu but her stand up skills are not acceptable. She not only needs a good boxing coach to sharpen her her technique but someone to teach her to understand why stand up works. Call me Rhonda

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