Sad News: The Nate Diaz Kangaroo Has Passed Away

By Dazzler

The Most Famous Kangaroo in Combat Sports Has Moved on to the Next Life… Sadly, Roger Has Passed Away…

It’s rare that an animal can make a human feel jealous, but Roger the kangaroo definitely did.  His physique was the envy of most regular human and saw him go viral across the internet. It even saw him compared to MMA cult hero Nate Diaz. Sadly, Roger has passed away, so this article is a tribute to the muscular marsupial.

He became so famous that he was named as one of the top ten most famous animals in the world by National Geographic. While his chest and shoulders resemble Cris Cyborg’s more than Nate’s, it was his loping arrogance and long frame that saw him compared to the younger Diaz brother.

Roger was also the subject of the meme treatment, including glorious creations like the one below, with Conor McGregor. He’ll definitely be missed. Kangaroos like to fight so who knows who would have won in a real fight? 

Screenshot: Twitter.

Beast Mode

The genuinely sad news of Roger’s passing was posted on the internet by Chris Barnes. Barnes runs a kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs and took Roger in when his mother was killed. So he kind of played the Nick role in the Diaz Brothers. Barnes wrote on Facebook:

“It’s a very sad day here today for we have lost our beautiful boy, Roger. Ten years ago, I built this sanctuary to house Roger and a couple of his wives, Ella (and) Abigail.

We built it so they’d have a place to live. Roger was our alpha male for many years and he grew up to be a kangaroo that people from all over the world have grown to love as much as we love him too.”


Kangaroos are well known for their tendency to throw down. During mating season they will regularly box and kick each other, using their tails to maintain balance. Their kicks are capable of disembowelling a human, while their jabs do pack a punch.

In the footage above you can see an Australian man got head-to-head with a kangaroo who head-locked his dog. The footage is quite old, but it is possibly the most Ozzie thing of all time, and well worth a watch again. Who knows what a kangaroo could be capable of if you stuck it in an octagon. You can guarantee though that if you paid Bob Sapp enough money, he’d fight one.


Unfortunately for Roger, his chiselled physique probably cost him a couple of years of life. Usually, the most muscular kangaroos live shorters lives than their slimmer compatriates. In the video above you can see just how much Roger meant to Chris Barnes.

“Roger’s a bit like a delinquent son. He’s always aggressive. But he’s my best mate. He’s part of me, as I hope I’m a part of him.”

How much more like the Diaz brothers can you be? RIP Roger. The internet will remember you forever.