Photovoltaic solar energy has been growing in participation in India and in the world. It is a renewable alternative to sources derived from fossil fuels that are polluting and scarce. In addition, solar energy is comparatively cheaper than electricity from hydroelectric plants, the main national energy grid.

The first step to ensure all these advantages is the installation of photovoltaic panels. They consist of structures made of semiconductor material that captures the sun’s radiant energy and transform it into electrical energy. Without this equipment, it is not possible to generate electricity.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a panel that has guaranteed effectiveness. The cost-benefit ratio should be as advantageous as possible, considering that the savings on the electricity bill depending on the amount of energy it is capable of producing.

The Solar Panel, made up of photovoltaic panels or solar panels (popular name), is one of the key pieces of equipment in a photovoltaic solar system and responsible for converting sunlight into electrical energy, with a standard useful life of 25 years and resistant to most adverse weather conditions.

When we talk about photovoltaic solar systems, the image that comes to mind for most people is that of the solar panel installed on the roofs of homes and businesses, which captures sunlight and transforms it into electrical energy.

The first commercial photovoltaic panels were produced in the 70s, at the height of the oil crisis, precisely by large oil exploration companies, which had the necessary capital to invest commercially and in research to improve photovoltaic cells.

Pricing of photovoltaic panels

When it comes to PV panels (or even a complete PV system), you will hear the term price per watt, which is the result of dividing the cost (in money) by the peak power of the solar plate.

Nowadays, for INR 6000.00, it is possible to buy a photovoltaic panel (a single unit) with a power of 120 watts at retail (and it is possible to find it cheaper). Although, Solar Panel price in India is much lower than in different countries.

Solar Panel Warranties

Finally, one of the most significant components of the solar panel price is related to commercial warranties.

The biggest manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in the world are not the ones that produce the most efficient photovoltaic cells or the most resistant panels, but the companies that produce and sell in greater quantity. But companies like Loom Solar provide the most efficient solar panels at a very minimum price. The price of the Solar Panels from Loom Solar is very cost-effective than the other Solar providers in India.

Are Mono Crystalline Solar Panels really costly?

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying the solar panels is the efficiency of the solar panels. First it would seem that low efficiency solar panels (Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels) would be cheaper instead of the high efficiency solar panels (Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels). But the reality is that you have to buy more poly crystalline solar panels to get the required or desired solar energy where a few less mono crystalline solar panels can produce the much higher electrical energy. So choice is yours. You can get the best solar panels for your home solar from Loom Solar and decide on a reasonable price.

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