Teofimo Lopez hates the disrespect of media to Lomachenko

After an unexpected loss of Lomachenko against Teofimo Lopez, the media seemed to forget Lomachenko’s accomplishments. It is now rare to hear about Lomachenko in the news just because of one loss. Lopez hates the idea that if a boxer tastes a defeat, he is no longer valid.

“Why is Lomachenko no longer mentioned among the best lightweights? This sometimes happens. For many, you can be a king or a god, but after a defeat, you are forgotten. This is the picture now. We must give Lomachenko his due. What happened to everyone? What are they talking about? “Lomachenko was the first number of pound-for-pound, which made it seem like he could walk on water. But now he is forgotten, and this is a sign of disrespect. Lopez said

Now the media is concentrating on the undefeated stars who did not even take a huge risk but rather chose easy fights. Meanwhile, Lomachenko went to become the fastest world champion in the least amount of fights. People forget that prior to the fight Lomachenko was the number one pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Other than a Lopez rematch, Lomachenko is likely the favorite against anyone in the division. He is still the clear Number 2 lightweight behind Lopez. Lopez even credited how good Lomachenko by saying,

They cannot take away from Lomachenko his achievements. In his time, he achieved a lot. He is a two-time Olympic champion, world champion in three weight classes. The other lightweights do not mention him as he lost to Teofimo. They think, “Thank goodness we don’t need to mention him anymore. We don’t need to talk about him, we don’t have to fight him anymore.” If “Loma” remains in the lightweight division, then I believe that he will defeat all the other fighters in the division, ”

This is what is wrong with boxing, once you have tasted defeat, people forget about you. One of the reasons that boxers are afraid to take the huge risk of losing their undefeated record is because of this. They think that once they lose, their stardom may not reach the highest. What makes Boxing exciting for the fans is because the best fight the best.

In terms of the golden era of boxing, some might agree that it would have to be the four kings (Duran, Leonard, Hearns, and Hagler). They were not afraid of losing, if they lost at least lost to the best fighters in the world. Another one was the Ali era, where he fought people like Foreman, Frazier, and other greats.

The media needs to respect Lomachenko for even taking a risk, despite him being expected to win, he still sacrificed his pay cut for the Lopez fight to happen. Media were all over him prior, saying that he is a matrix boxer that is many levels above his competition. What makes boxing beautiful is anything can happen inside the ring, whether it was a punch sent by the gods or some spectacular knockouts.

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