Mike Tyson vowed to avenge Muhammad Ali’s disturbing loss to Larry Holmes. Tyson idolized Ali, and when he saw Holmes TKO ‘The Greatest’ it made his blood boil. Watch what happened when Tyson fought Holmes in 1988…

Mike Tyson made his name in the boxing world as the scariest and most lethal heavyweight of his era. Few could withstand the onslaught that the young puncher would put on his opponents, and it was never a good idea to make him mad.

Little did he know, but former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes had got on the wrong side of Tyson. In 1980 Holmes, a former sparring partner of Muhammad Ali, scored a TKO win over ‘The Greatest Of All Time’. It was Ali’s penultimate fight, and he really shouldn’t have taken it.

By this time, Ali was 39 years old and his best days were long behind him. Wars with Joe Frazier and George Foreman had taken their toll on him, and the bout with the much younger Holmes was hard to watch.

Unable to take any more, Ali was stopped in the tenth round after taking a barrage of heavy shots. Tyson, aged just 14 at the time, phoned Ali and promised to avenge the loss against Holmes.

In 1988, Tyson got the opportunity, and boy, did he take it. Skip to the next page to watch the vicious knockout….


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