Internet Troll Challenged Boxing Champion To A Fight, The Boxer Does This…


This internet troll mocked Deontay Wilder, made jokes about his daughter and then challenged the heavyweight champion to a fight. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ showed up at his gym the next day….

World heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder makes a living by beating up trained athletes in the ring, so it was shocking to learn that an unknown man took a beatdown in some crumby gym.

But then the details of the story emerged, and they were disturbing. Charlie Zelenoff, a troll that called himself the number 1 fighter in the world, although he has no official record, had been harassing Widler.

Zelenoff made videos taunting the champion as a coward and claiming he would knock ‘The Bronze Bomber’ out in one round. Then he took a step too far.

After implying he would take Widler’s daughter out and ‘treat her good’, Zelenoff leaned a hard lesson; everyone has a limit, and the boxer had reached his.

Zelenoff continued to call Wilder out, until one day the heavyweight boxing boss showed up at his gym, and the result was very satisfying.

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