‘The Notorious’ Has Responded to Floyd Mayweather Coming Out of Retirement in a Hilarious Post Full of Profanity…

Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather shocked the world by announcing that he is coming out of retirement to fight Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa, under the RIZIN banner in Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena, on December 31st. Nobody knows what the rules will be yet, but they’ll probably be wearing MMA gloves in an ‘exhibition fight.’

Mayweather was officially retired up until yesterday. There have been rumours flying around that he’s been looking to come back, and he linked himself to fights against Khabib Nurmagamedov, as well as a rematch with Manny Pacquaio. ‘Money hasn’t fought since 2017 when he defeated Conor McGregor in a mega-money pantomime.

Now McGregor has reacted to Mayweather’s decision and choice of opponent in a lengthy and profanity-ridden post on Instagram and Twitter. It’s pretty hilarious and you can see it below.

Screenshot: Instagram.

‘F***ing Brilliant’

McGregor seems as bemused as the rest of the world about this announcement. Imagine being ‘The Notorious’ – you’ve just spent the night smoking a load of marijuana with Mike Tyson and then your phone vibrates and you see this. That’s pretty trippy. The Notorious mocked Floyd’s tracksuit which does look straight out of the ’80s’ in fairness. He wrote:

“Is that a tracksuit or a sauna suit Floyd wtf haha? Is it hot in Tokyo or what’s the story here? that climate change is no joke f**k me hahah

What in the f**k is going on here. Who’s this little prick next to you? That’s mad s**t. Like something out of Rush Hour 5 or something. Chris Tucker and Jackie f***ing Chan back in this b**ch. F***ing brilliant. Mad little bast**d you are Floyd. Fair f**ks to you. No lie. F**k it.”

Screenshot: Instagram.


Understandably McGregor is just as confused as the rest of us as to how this fight just suddenly happened. Tenshin is an incredible kickboxer. His highlight reel and record for a 20-year-old is ludicrous, even if he’s not well-known outside of Japan. While McGregor mocked Mayweather, he did end it by showing respect for Mayweather being a ‘mad little b***ard,’ which in Ireland is actually a sign of respect. Dillon Danis commented on the post:

“Hopefully Floyd has somebody to read this to him.” 

To be fair he might need a translator. That’s barely English.

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebillas, USA TODAY Sports.


It’s a truly insane match-up that just means one thing: money. Mayweather hasn’t fought outside of the state of Nevada since 2005. There is no way he’s flying to Tokyo to fight unless he’s going to earn astronomical figures. The 50-0 41-year-old boxer will fight 26-0 (kickboxing), 4-0 (MMA) Tenshin on New Year’s Eve. McGregor’s teammate Peter Queally cannily responded to ‘The Notorious’:

“I’ll tell you what, Floyd knows how to keep the cash coming, can’t hate for that, hahahaha.”

He’s absolutely right. There’s a reason Mayweather is nicknamed ‘Money’. There isn’t a more lucrative athlete on the planet in any other sport.

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