This is One of the Most Bizarre Moments in the History of MMA… A South Korean Super-Heavyweight Decided to Sing His Own Walkout Song… Then He Gets Knocked Out After Just 20 Seconds…

Asian MMA is truly on the rise right now. ONE has the most prestige, as it relentlessly pursues the UFC’s global domination of the sport – it’s arguably a bigger competitor than Bellator right now. Meanwhile, RIZIN is there to be just a little bit crazy, as the successor to PRIDE, and just made a massive statement by signing a contract with Floyd Mayweather for a one-off exhibition fight on New Year’s Eve.

If you want to look for true MMA insanity though, you need to go to South Korea. ROAD FC is one of the most ludicrous promotions on the planet. They’re the promotion under which Bob Sapp won his most recent fight against a Sumo wrestler. They love a freakshow fight.

Enter super-heavyweight Jae Hyuk Heo. We’re not going to say any more just yet. The video is glorious and you won’t be disappointed.


We don’t know much about Jae Hyuk Heo. According to (usually reliable for stats on MMA fighters), he weighs 320lbs – or almost three Demetrious Johnsons. He has a nicely balanced record of 1-1 in professional MMA. Most importantly though, he’s a decent singer and he loves Imagine Dragons.

He came out to fight fellow South Korean Gum Oh Shin and sang ‘Believer’ into the microphone. If you’ve watched the video you’ll see that even though it’s a bit surreal, Jae Hyuk was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, the night went downhill for the big man from there.


He might want to reconsider his career path because his signing on the night was much better than his fighting. Less than 20 seconds after the referee signalled for these two jelly-bellied behemoths to fight, he was unconscious on the floor.

Shim Gun-Oh waded forward like a cave troll from the Lord of the Rings, swinging furiously. Jae Hyuk was immediately staggered and overpowered by the fury of his fellow super-heavyweight. Maybe he was gassed out from all of that singing. Weirder things have happened in that division, we promise.

Screenshot: Twitter.


Sadly for the singing fighter, it was soon curtains and nobody was calling for an encore. It will be interesting to see whether or not we hear about him again soon. ROAD is truly providing some unique moments for us. Keep an eye out for them, if you like the freakshow element of MMA. It’s a truly unique setup. The full results from a night of action are below:

Yu Ri Shim defeated Seo Hee Lim Decision (Unanimous)25:00

Gun Oh Shim knocked out Jae Hyuk Heo KO (Punches)10:23

Dong Hwan Lim submitted Jeong Gyo Park Submission (Guillotine Choke)12:48

Yuki Ito finished Tae Kyun Kim TKO (Punches)14:58

Park Chan Soo defeated Yong Geun Kim Decision (Unanimous)25:00

Seong Jae Kim finished Hwang Chang Hwan TKO (Punches)12:41

Gi Won Ko knocked out Young Han KimKO (Punch)20:22

Oo-Jae Kim defeated Won Hee Jung Decision (Split)25:00

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