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Conor McGregor’s Striking Coach Owen Roddy has Told Media that ‘The Notorious’ Will be Back in Action Very Soon…

Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in an octagon since November 2016. ‘The Notorious’ unleashed a striking clinic on Eddie Alvarez to win the lightweight title. He’s since been stripped due to inactivity. However, the Irishman appears to be stepping up his training.

Getting arrested and sued is a very expensive business. McGregor might have $100 million in the bank, but between legal costs and his lavish lifestyle, it might not be long before he’s back on benefits in Dublin. The quickest way for him to make a buck is to batter some unfortunate in the octagon.

One man who has been with him all the way is Owen Roddy. The striking coach is one of the most important members of McGregor’s camp. Most recently he took the lead in preparing McGregor to be totally outclassed by Floyd Mayweather. Roddy spoke to media the other day and has given a timeframe for McGregor’s return.

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Desperate Times

One thing that McGregor and the entire MMA world knows is that Conor McGregor can do whatever the hell he wants, and the UFC will turn a blind eye. Dana White would probably let McGregor fight his own grandmother if it guaranteed pay-per-view buys. Roddy said:

“For me, the sooner he’s back the better. The UFC is really missing Conor, I believe, and I think everybody is missing the whole extravaganza of a Conor McGregor fight. There’s nothing like it in the world. And I think the people in the world want to see it again. The sooner the better.”

Roddy is definitely correct. The UFC have backed themselves into a position where McGregor is their only true mainstream star. They’ve created this bizarre scenario where they are in dire need of a breakout star but are too afraid to let any single fighter become bigger than the company. This is why McGregor captures the imagination so much.

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No Clear Opponent

McGregor has been linked to fights against Khabib Nurmagamedov and Nate Diaz. The Nurmagamedov fight seems to be the most obvious. Throwing a dolly through a bus window would usually be a sign of wanting to fight somebody, and the UFC would definitely love to make this happen.

Diaz is another option. The pair has fought twice already and McGregor has a burning desire to close off the trilogy and prove that he is the better fighter. Both fights would sell and there is a good chance both will happen.

“There’s no indication of who it will be, but it doesn’t really matter, to be honest,” Roddy said. “I’ve said this before: The draw is Conor. The opponent is just somebody there to go in against him.”

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Good to be Back

The most important thing in Roddy’s mind is that McGregor is back in training with a clear purpose in mind. Let’s be real: he’s been totally unstable over the past year. Getting into fights with gangsters, attacking Bellator referees and sparring buses are just some of what the Irishman has been up to in his spare time.

“Just to have him back in the cage, I think that’s more important than anything else. He’s training, he’s looking good,” Roddy said. “We can’t really talk about when he wants to return. But he’s adamant he’s getting back.”

There you go so. Assuming McGregor’s court case on June 14th goes well, he could be back by early Autumn. However, if his ability to work in America is affected, or worse he gets convicted, there’s no knowing what will happen next. Just another day in the life of Conor McGregor.

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