Teofimo Lopez vs Devin Haney is the fight to MAKE

If the fight of Ryan Garcia vs Tank Davis happens, then they should be making Teofimo Lopez vs Tank Davis. All four rising undefeated stars hopefully face each other for 2021. It will be a wild year for boxing if the dream matchups happen.

Even Ryan Garcia has said that he is focusing on getting the Tank Davis fight and that Haney should fight Lopez. I think it is fair to say that Teofimo Lopez is the current best in the division since he is the champion and the guy that beat the number one pound for pound boxer.

No matter what Eddie Hearns says that Lopez is not undisputed since Haney is the WBC Champion is arguable but Lopez is still the WBC Franchise Champion. Lomachenko never lost the WBC Champion, and Lopez beat him decisively. Teofimo Lopez even took a huge risk in losing his undefeated record, he was expected to lose and was coming in as a heavy underdog.

Although there is no taking away that Devin Haney is a talented fighter, he has been seen training under Mayweather as well. He is a talented fighter but lacks popularity with casual viewers.

According to some reports, Teofimo Lopez wants Haney as well and not his mandatory challenger Kambosos. It seems that Teofimo Lopez is negotiating a potential fight with Haney’s promoter, Eddie Hearn but Hearn thinks Lopez is demanding more than what he deserves.

According to Hearn, Lopez does not deserve to get $10M which he is demanding for the Haney fight. He then proceeded to call Teofimo still not Undisputed. So that means he cannot call the shots.

Devin Haney is also interested in taking the Lopez fight since he could also be the Undisputed champion if he wins and a fight with Garcia may be difficult to make as of the moment.

$10M may be a bit far off from the realistic offer and Lopez should consider lowering it down. Even Lomachenko has gotten far lower in his fight purse and he was the number one pound for pound boxer with a decent fanbase.

If the fight happens, it will make the lightweight division even more exciting. The winner of Davis vs Garcia against Lopez vs Haney would create an even bigger fight, and that’s what makes boxing exciting. The best must fight against the best.

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