After Errol Spence’s comeback fight against Danny Garcia, Terence Crawford said he is not interested in fighting Spence. He did commend Spence for getting the job done and getting the win. He then said that if he can choose his fight he would take Pacquiao over Spence.

Manny Pacquiao is the current WBA Champion, his last fight was against Keith Thurman where he won the belt. Although Pacquiao has not fought for the whole year of 2020 due to the pandemic happening, fans still want the Filipino Senator to fight in the ring. Of all the champions, Pacquiao has the biggest name due to his resume and who he has beaten.

But most would agree that Pacquiao is out of his prime and is not the same boxer who KOd the killers of the division. He did defy the odds and beat Keith Thurman in a close decision.

It might be difficult to seal a deal with Top Rank and Pacquiao given their history. Pacquiao during his rise was signed with Bob Arum which both had huge success PPV-wise but he was also robbed of a win against Timothy Bradley and Jeff Horn when he was with Top Rank.

So the most likely for Crawford to fight Pacquiao is to switch promoters and go with PBC. Errol Spence and Pacquiao share the same promotion as Al Haymon so it is easier to book a fight against both of them.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao can choose to fight for money only since his legacy is already one of the greatest of all time. His accomplishments cannot be mirrored, the only fighter to be an 8 division champion and is still a welterweight champion is unheard of. Fighting Conor Mcgregor could easily make more money and is much easier for Pacquiao to win.

Pacquiao also congratulated Errol Spence’s comeback fight after his car accident. It could be a hint that he wants Spence but maybe it was just a fellow boxer’s respect. Mayweather is another fighter Pacquiao truly wants as he wants to avenge his loss but Mayweather says he is staying retired but is fighting Logan Paul in an exhibition match.

There is no doubt that Terence Crawford is one of the most skilled boxers right now but the opponents he beat in the welterweight division are not that impressive compared to Errol Spence’s opponents. It is time for Crawford to decide whether to stay in Top Rank or not, especially when Bob Arum said publicly that he lost money promoting Crawford.

The promoter’s job is to promote the boxer in order to be known in the public but for Bob Arum to tell the public that he would have bought a beautiful house with the money he spent promoting his boxer is just disrespectful.

Terence Crawford did respond by demanding to be released from his contract but no other news has been announced, other than Crawford hinting at moving back down to his original weight class.

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