After some rumors and speculations, the reigning MVP and DPOY, Giannis Antetokounmpo finally signs his contract extension for a five-year contract. This $228.2 million supermax deal is the largest in NBA history.

After underachieving during the playoffs, the Bucks were looking to change some of their rosters. In addition to the Bucks, Jrue Holiday and Kyle Korver have recently signed with them. Jrue Holiday is known to be a good two-way player in terms of offense and defense.

Kris Middleton is the all-star player that also stayed with them. One of the reasons that the Bucks were unsuccessful in their run last year maybe because they letting go of a good player that was Malcolm Brogdon.

Will the Bucks be successful in their run this coming playoff? Giannis has yet to step in the NBA Finals, where most thought Giannis is the future given his potential. Giannis is still 26 years old, so he still has time to win a chip.

It is good for the league that Giannis signed in a small market team like Milwaukee Bucks. Some teams with small markets sometimes have a hard time getting a superstar because of the market and management itself.

Giannis also posted regarding his signing saying that Bucks is his home and will stay loyal for 5 more years. Bucks fans are happy to hear the news.

Most media personnel even suggested that Giannis should take the max extension since it is big money. Although it may be more difficult to win a chip if he stays, it will all be worth it if he does. It was a matter of risking his future and potentials for the team.

Another player that Bucks is his option is James Harden. Although the likelihood of Harden going to the Bucks is low since Giannis and Harden have a history of small feud due to some MVP race. Harden declined the $50M/year contract which makes it highly likely he will be traded but no official announcement as of yet.


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